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Since 2006 we’ve been helping our customers achieve their goals. With our high quality software development services we’ve been involved in many projects in different industries.

We believe in teamwork as the key engine for any successful process.
That’s why our people share our main values: work globally, teamwork, quality, passion and enjoy.
To keep these values, we apply engineering and creativity to every project.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

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Ariel Saban

CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur and technology passionate Ariel Saban had an early love of computers and studied systems since high school. At the age of 17, one year before high school graduation, he worked for the first time for a software company.

In 2006, at the age of 23 he founded Global Task. Later in 2010 he achieved a Systems Engineer degree.

Currently he continues his work as the Chief Executive Officer at Global Task.

Nicolas Vidal

CTO & Founder

Nicolas Vidal started with software since he was a kid. His love for technology began at the age of 6.

After graduation he worked for software companies with special attention to the mobile ecosystem. In 2013 he joined Apps for Good to help make the difference.

In 2015 he joined Global Task as an equal partner.

Now he stands as the Chief Technology Officer at Global Task.

Jared Ringel

Business Manager

Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated track record of creating and leading multiple successful brands.
Graduated from Rutgers, he has always shown interest in combining business processes with technology.
He is currently Business Manager at Global Task.

Mike Sheffer

Business Manager

Mike Sheffer was born in New Jersey.
In year 2007 he started at Rutgers, graduating in year 2011.
His love for marketing and technology is the engine of a serial entrepreneur.
Currently he's Business Manager at Global Task.

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