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Transform your business with AI-driven innovation while safeguarding your data and privacy, enhancing customer experience, simplifying operations, and making smarter decisions.


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Leveraging the power of LLMs

We offer comprehensive assistance in harnessing the capabilities of Large Language Models such as GPT to empower organizations to transform their operations, drive innovation, and enhance efficiency.

Our portfolio includes over 30 fintechs and banks that have partnered with us to transform their financial services and unleash their potential.

360 Discovery

we assess your specific needs and opportunities to leverage GPT-based solutions, identifying use cases and developing a customized strategy and detailed roadmap.

Innovative Integration

we focus on the seamless implementation of LLM-based solutions into your existing infrastructure, while preparing your staff to successfully adapt to the new tools and processes.

Continuous Optimization

we concentrate on ongoing monitoring, fine-tuning, and support to ensure that your business continues to reap the benefits of ChatGPT-based solutions, maintaining your competitive edge and fostering sustainable growth.

Internal Process Automation

We implement AI solutions and language models to automate and optimize tasks and internal processes. From document management to customer service, our solutions can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase staff and customer satisfaction.

Crypto Exchange Integration

Integrate traditional banking and payment solutions with Crypto. Build web and mobile exchange frontings integrating robust APIs.


We Provide Robust

Services For Every Type of Business

By fusing engineering expertise with consulting talent, we help you to move quickly from strategy to reality.

LLM Implementation Strategy Consulting

We provide expert consultation and guidance on adopting and integrating cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) into your business. Our team of AI specialists assesses your specific needs and objectives to develop a customized roadmap that ensures a successful and efficient implementation of LLMs into your existing operations and systems. Moreover, we offer ongoing support and follow-up to guarantee that your company maximizes the benefits and ROI of these advanced language technologies.

Sentiment and Reputation Analysis

We monitor your company's communication channels to assess public perception and sentiment towards your brand. Our solutions provide real-time analysis and customized alerts that enable you to make informed decisions and enhance your internal and external marketing and communication strategies.

Payment processing Solutions

From pay-in to pay-out to batch processing solutions. Structure a strong, secure and scalable payment process to glue the entire business flow.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Improve financial asset management, analytics and personal investing with our customized fintech apps.


Detect fraud, process claims, underwrite processes and boost customer engagement with our fintech app development service for insurance companies.


Our development process facilitates loan approvals, online verifications and consumer eligibility checks.
Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking

No matter how big or small your bank is: our easy-to-use applications fulfil every customer’s needs.
Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Manage personal finances (from savings management to payment automation and budget planning) with our tailor-made applications.


Boost transparency across payments, build a safer ecosystem and improve your financial advisory services.

Industry-Specific Use-cases

We've helped companies in the following industries solve their most complex technology challenges.

Unleashing Success with GPT and LLMs
Key Factors for Business Excellence

Use Case Identification

Before implementing GPT, it is essential to identify and assess specific use cases where this technology can add value to your business. This may include task automation, customer support, content generation, data analysis, and more.

Integration with Existing Systems

Adopting LLM-based solutions may require integration with existing systems and platforms within your company. Ensure that your technological infrastructure is compatible and prepared to accommodate these new solutions.

Privacy and Security Management

When implementing GPT, it is essential to ensure compliance with applicable data privacy and security regulations and standards. This includes protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access to information.

Continuous Monitoring and Fine-tuning

After implementation, it is important to monitor the performance and outcomes of LLM-based solutions to identify areas for improvement and adjust settings as needed. Feedback from users and employees can be invaluable for optimizing the performance and effectiveness of the solutions.

AI enablement

Our tailored solutions and expert guidance help you transform operations, streamline processes, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.